At G-LABEL, our belief is to use products such as shellac and ace gel that are not harsh on nails. Bio gel started in Europe is used in over 25 countries now. G-LABEL is a constant user of these products.

Nails Image Nails Image Nails Image
Polish $40
Shellac $50
Soak off gel $65~
Deluxe Manicure - inc : Scrub, Paraffin pack & Treatment
Polish $60
Shellac $65
Soak off gel $80~
Polish $60
Shellac $70
Soak off gel $85~
Deluxe Pedicure - inc : Scrub, Paraffin pack & Treatment
Polish $90
Shellac $95
Soak off gel $110~
Full set $75~
Infills $50~
Removal $5~
Nail art $5~

Eyelash Extensions

At G-LABEL, we provide gente cares for eyelash extensions, through counselling. Our experiences and knowledges are enough to provide you desired style.

Eyelashe Extentions Image Eyelashe Extentions Image Eyelashe Extentions Image
Classic Full Set (mink)
100 lashes $80
140 lashes $100
Unlimited (up to 200lashes) $120
Classic Infills
100 lashes $40~
140 lashes $55~
Unlimited $65~
From Other Salon $40/40Lashes~
Mix Lash (mink- classic & volume)
100 unit $100
140 unit $130
Unlimited (150 - 200) $150
Mix Lash Infills
100 unit $55~
140 unit $70~
Unlimited $85~
Volume Full Set (mink)
100 fans $120
140 fans $160
150 ~ 200 fans $190
Volume Infills
50 fans $70
70 fans $90
90 fans $110
From Other Salon $60/30fan~
Bottom Lashes $30~
Removal - 30 min $30~


Herb REVI Treatment

Your skin troubles are caused by many factors, such as sun damage, dehydration, immune system and metabolic function in your body.
When you treat your skin correct regularly, your skin turnover cycle will be kept normal.
That means you can feel your skin always fresh and healthy.
Herb REVI Treatment use gentle touch and products with smoothing ingredients such as natural fruits and plant delivered elements and ancient mad extracts.
Light enzyme peels within Herb powder will be used to exfoliate the surface of skin, followed by a smoothing gels and mask.
Gentle Herb exfoliation helps your skin turnover and rebirth new and healthy skin.
Even you have a sensitive skin, our professional therapist can suggest perfect treatment for you.

Nails & Eyelashes Image
Facial & Lymphatic Therapy (40mins)
cleanser, steam, face and decollete, head massage with oil, moisturizing mask
Chemical peeling & Skin Rejuvenation (50mins)
deep cleaning pores, evening out skin tone, improving hyperpigmintation
Herb REVI Tohki Treatment (60mins)
very good result for blackheads, sagging, whitening, acne, oily skin, face lines
Electroporation Therapy (80mins)
for anti-aging, wrinkles, sagging skin will be improved at a cellular level

IPL Hair Removal

Laser can emit only a very specific single wavelength of light. IPL can emit a band of wavelengths with larger treatment spot. That makes treatment time faster. Lasers are required for the treatment of different purposes. Because IPL emit the different wavelengths at one time, you will expect your skin condition will improve as well. IPL light can treat your skin and hair with much less reaction and less pain than laser.

IPL Hair Removal Image
1 x Half Leg, 1 x Half Arm, Bikini, Under Arms, Half Back, Chest, Back Neck
Toes, Hands, Chin, lip
L-part + S-part

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